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Welcome to Daruma

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Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Experience of Teppanyaki

“Daruma” comes from traditional tumble doll, on which face is depicted, represents the “ will to persevere”
-If knocked down seven times it will stand up eight times.

The “Teppan-Yaki”
Is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an Iron griddle to cook food.
The ward is delivered from Teppan, which means Iron plate, and Yaki which means grilled. Chef cook in front of you from fresh stuff, you could request anything you want to be done.
Stuff must showing before cook by chef, Individually chef cook and serve.
Japanese cuisine is unique to the Japanese archipelago where it originated and developed over the centuries. The majority of Japanese dishes are contrived to accent the natural flavours of
fresh fish. Stuff are carefully selected best grade of meat and seafood from local and Durban port.

An old Japanese saying holds- “ if you have the pleasant experience of eating something that you have not tasted before, your life will be lengthen by 75days.

At the Daruma we would like to believe that through discovering the many pleasure in our menu, your life will be prolonged many years!


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